AAA Eagle Express Bail Bondsis ready to help you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Let us get your friends and family members home with no hassle or stress   We are here to help people reunite with their loved ones.   Wondering how bail bonds work? Call us for a free consultation 24 hours a day. Our bail bonds service is second to none, you can't go wrong with our Eagle Express worry-free service.    When a agent post the bond it will then take about 1 to 3 hours for your loved one or friend to be released The  bond process is different for all counties in Florida. Each county will have their individual way of handling inmate discharges. Several counties are quick in releasing process, and other take anywhere from 3 to 12 hours. No bail bond agency can speed up the discharge procedure. Other bail bond agencies will claim they have rapid service, but in actuality no agency except the jail itself has control over this particular process.

Below is a step by step process that will be the most effective way to get someone out of jail.
1.      Call with the arrestees: (the person responsible for the arrestees is 
         the person the bondsman needs to speak with if possible)
                DateOf Birth
                Male or Female
                Which County They Are Being Detained In
 2.       The bond forms must be completed with the required
           information on the arrestee.  The forms may be downloaded
           from our site, emailed or faxed to the indemnitor.  All forms
           must be fully completed and a copy of the Indemnitor’s
           driver license and credit card (if applicable) are to be faxed,
           emailed or bought by the local office.  If you are local we
           request you please come by the office at 134 N Ridgewood
           Drive Suite 16, Sebring, Florida 33870 (above Dee’s Restaurant
           and behind the Fire Department) on the corner of N. Ridgewood 
           and Mango Street.
3.       The bond is posted and the defendant is released.  We request that 
          the defendant meet with one of our bail bondsmen and complete 
          their part of the process on required paperwork.  The defendant is
          released in the custody of the Indemnitor. AAA Eagle Express
          Bail Bonds and the Indemnitor are both responsible for the
          defendants’ appearance in court on all scheduled court dates.  The
          responsibility will be released from AAA Eagle Express Bail
          Bonds and the Indemnitor when the case has been disposed or the
          bond has been discharged.
4.       Once the bond has been disposed or discharged, any collateral 
          (minus any fees) is returned to the indemnitor.  No collateral will 
          be released until the discharge from the court has been sent to AAA
          Eagle Express Bail Bondsand all money has been paid..
Services available
Services Available
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